Ductile Iron


Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron is used in potable water mains and water treatment works (Blue - EN 545) and also in sewer mains and waste water treatment works (Red - EN 598).

FPP Scotland supply a comprehensive range of ductile iron pipe for use in both the water and sewerage industry. Ductile iron can be used in applications both above and below ground providing a broad range of solutions to specific installation demands.

Size range from a diameter of 80mm up to 1000mm and are produced in accordance with British Standards BS EN 545 and BS EN 598. Theis products range are BSI registered and produced under the Kitemark license.

ductile iron pipe 

Ductile Iron Fittings

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality socketed and flanged ductile iron jointing fittings including bends, tees, tapers, ransition peices and blank ends.

These fittings can be supplied in Socketed, Flanged, Rotating flange and Mechanical joint types with sizes from 80mm up to 1000mm.

Fittings are produced in accordance with British Standards BS EN 598 (Red) and BS EN 545 (Black & Blue).

ductile iron tee
ductile iron fittings
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