Butt Fusion Sales & Hire

When butt fusing pipelines it is essential to have a well controlled, fully automated jointing process. All equipment is calibrated and serviced before every issue to site. All our machines are calibrated to perform at exacting standards and are capable of providing joint records on both printed and downloadable formats.

Our range of machines include ABF180, Gator 250 & 315, ABF400 welders. These can be supplied suitable lined for pipe sizes ranging from 63-400mm.

Ancillary equipment for de-beading pipe internally and externally is also available when required. More Specialist Large diameter equipment is also available for Hire. When welding pipelines in the range 400-500mm or 500-900mm the equipment will most often require onsite familiarization and training.

gator 250 butt fusion machine
gator 315 butt fusion machine
 gator 500 butt fusion machine
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