Tooling Products

FPP provide a wide range of pipeline tooling products for use in the preparation and installation of polyethylene pipelines. Products include pipe cutting and scraping tools, alignment clamps, rollers and squeeze off tools.


Pipe Cutters

We supply plastic pipe cutting equipment for pipe diameters up to 315mm. This includes secateur cutters for pipe diameters up to 63mm, tubing cutters for diameters from 6mm to 168mm and guillotine cutters for pipe diameters up to 315mm.

 guillotine pipe cutter

Pipe Scrapers

Scraping is an important part of the Electro Fusion process and we offer a variety of hand held and mechanical pipe scrapers covering pipe diameter ranges from 20mm up to 500mm.

 handheld pipe scraper

Alignment Clamps

 electo fusion alignment clamp


Squeeze Off Tools

A variety of squeeze off tools are available for the rapid squeezing of polyethylene pipes ranging is diameter up to 500mm. Both mechanical and manual squeeze tools can be supplied offering quick and efficient application depending on the pipe size.  squeeze off tool
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