FPP Scotland provide a variety of Geosysnthetic products that play an integral role in the majority of building & civil engineering projects. The range of applications and uses is vast including Ground stabalisation, Reinforcement, Erosion Control, Drainage, Environmental Protection, Grass Protection & Weed Suppression. These functions can be sectioned as follows.



The use of a geotextile to prevent the intermixing of dissimilar soil layers.



The use of a geotextile to allow the passage of fluyids (most commonly water) while preventing the uncontrolled pasage of soil particles.



The use of the tensile properties of a geosynthetic material to resist stresses or contain deformations in soil structures.



The use of a geosynthetic layer to collect and transport fluids within its thickness.



The use of a geosynthetic material as a stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce damage to an adjacent surface or layer.


Erosion Control

The use of a geosynthetic material to prevent the loss of soil particles from water erosion.

The range covers non-woven geotextiles with products including or directly equivalent to the vast majority of industry standards and wovens from lightweight up to some of the heaviest available. Complementing the geotextile range we also offer geogrids providing engineers with cost effective solutions for sub-base reinforcement and soil stabilisation.




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