Drainage Pipe Systems

FPP Scotland offer a complete technical and commercial answer to all non-pressure, surface and sub-surface water drainage applications for all residential, highway, rail and airport infrastructure projects and serving the agricultural, sports & leisure sectors.


Underground Sewerage Systems

A comprehensive range of Underground Sewerage PVC-U pipes & fittings are available, conforming to British Standard EN1401-1 / BBA / LG1977 includes dia 110mm up to 315mm - Pipe, short and long radius Bends, Junctions, Gully’s, Reducers, Risers, Traps, Hoppers, Adaptors and Couplers.

Polysewer Range of 150mm to 300mm uPVC structured wall pipes & fittings for use in gravity sewer systems also available. Manufactured in accordance with BSI kitemark Licence Number KM55698 to WIS 4-35-01. The range includes a complete system of couplings, seals, bends, junctions & specialist fabrications.

polysewer pipe


Twinwall/Structured Wall Drainage Systems

Gravity Twinwall HDPE Drainage systems offer a direct alternative to concrete and clayware pipes. A full range 110mm to 600mm is available including Pipe & Fittings offering  the new HAPAS specifucation (Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme) issued by the BBA.

Large diameter gravity or low pressure structured wall pipe systems made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) can be offered where a lightweight engineered pipe with superior loading capacity is required, diameters ranging from 400mm to 1500mm plus. These systems are key in conveying liquids or air, below ground level, above ground or under water in gravity applications underwater and gravity applications. These pipes are designed, manufactured in accordance with National and International standards such as BS EN 1295, BS EN 13476 and WIS 4-35-01.

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twinwall pipe

Land Drainage

A choice of materials, diameters, colours and coil lengths are offered to the agricultural, sports & leisure sectors to achieve effective management of land water drainage. Including PVC coils and Geotextile wrapped filter drain.

Bespoke Manholes & Catchpits

Manholes and Catchpits have been are widely and successfully used for applications including Railway Drainage, Highway Drainage and Oil containment systems. FPP Scotland can offer specialist fabrication units manufactured to standard designs or to bespioke customer specifications.

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